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Mystrade Fic recommendations

I’ve been asked, like, twice (literally). So it counts as a FAQ, for me!

The absolute starting point is still, always, and forever At Least There’s the Football, by Sheffie Sharpe. It will take you a while to get caught up. Love every damned minute of it. It’s what convinced me of Mystrade. 

If you’re testing the waters, not sure if this is your One True Pairing yet, you might like to try elfbert’s Impact. It also scores for paying homage to Different for Girls, one of Rupert Graves’s best roles, I think.

Now let’s hit some Macpye ones. You all know Macpye illustrates the hell out of The Boys. This includes askgreglestrade. There are some short comics and things by Macpye all through his blog, but I would single out these: Dressing Casually, Drunk Dialing (I’m linking to the audio post for that one, even, because… no, really, if you want to hire Macpye to record things for you, I won’t be surprised. VERY GOOD VOICE), and Mycroft’s Handy Fangirls.  

Now I’m just going to list all of mine since I’m a greedy, selfish, evil bastard. 


Spooky Stuff, requested by evawrites
Tea, requested by sheffiesharpe
When did they know they were in love? Q&A, asked by anglophile
Flatshare, which was to pay for Macpye’s The Hat, and is a bit of a prequel for Blue Bed.
The DS, the Junke, and the Government
Four Men in a Pub Quiz
The Cake is a Lie
Greg’s Colours
Pet Rock
Red Wall
Mycroft Inna T-shirt
Mistletoe, AKA “Merry Christmas, you bastard.”
Mycroft Holmes v. John Watson, Later
Dead Man Walking
Painting for 200
And I can’t believe I can’t find him, but Evawrites invented Reggie the One-Eyed Tortoise, and REGGIE IS NOW CANON. Someone find me Reggie links! *cries*
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